Unable To Connect To The Network – QInstaller & QDownloader

When running QInstaller or QDownloader, you may get one of these messages:

Unable to connect to the network. Try copying QInstaller.exe to a local folder and running it from there.


Winsock error 11003: A non-recoverable error occurred.

This can occur for a number of reasons, from Offline Folder conflicts or Antivirus, through to permissions or firewall rules.

To fix this, try copying the file from your download location to another folder and run it from there (This deals with any Offline Folder conflicts). If that doesn’t work, make sure to exclude the file from the antivirus scanning. Failing that, check that there are no NTFS permission or firewall rules (in Windows and on your firewall appliance) blocking the application.

Alternatively, contact Quickmap to get hold of the Quickmap Data Download program, which handles the download and optionally can also handle the installation for you.

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