Setup Failed – 0x800700e8 – The Pipe Is Being Closed

When trying to install Quickmap, you may get this error:

Setup Failed

One or more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup.
For more information see the logfile.

0x800700e8 – The pipe is being closed

In this case, the error 0x800700e8 – The Pipe Is Being Closed is useful when trying to find out what happened here, and also checking the logfile.

Checking the logfile may show the following errors:

Error 0x800700e8: Failed to wait for child to connect to pipe.
Error 0x800700e8: Failed to connect to elevated child process.
Error 0x800700e8: Failed to actually elevate.
Error 0x800700e8: Failed to elevate.

In which case, most likely your antivirus is interfering with the install.

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