Unable To Display Aerial Photography – COM Error Drawing File

When you start Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap found a problem

QCtrl: Date Time

COM error drawing file at line 1. Error is: Code = 80040e14 Msg:IDispatch error #3092: Source: Microsoft JET Database Engine Description: Undefined function in ‘nan’ in expression.

Additional Information: SELECT * FROM qry_Boplass_5k WHERE ((-nan(ind) >= xmax and -nan(ind) <= xmax) or (xmax >= -nan(ind) and xmin <= -nan(ind))) AND ((-nan(ind) >= ymax and -nan(ind) <= ymax) or (ymax >= -nan(ind) and ymin <= -nan(ind))) AND VisHighScale > 1553.0 AND VisLowScale < 1553.0

The specifics of your error may differ slightly from the above. In any case, this may be caused by security (Trust) settings on your Aerials MDB files. Navigate to the location of your aerial photography directory and open each MDB file to see if it’s marked as not trusted.

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