Unable To Install Data or Quickmap Updates – Modify Setup (Uninstall)

When trying to install Quickmap data or an update to the Quickmap program, Quickmap asks you if you want to modify the setup and only gives the option to uninstall Quickmap. Below is the message you get:

Quickmap Setup

Modify Setup

Uninstall / Close

This occurs because the directory the installer is unpacking to, already contains a previously unpacked installer (which happens to match a version that is already installed). When you run the install, it thinks it’s already unpacked and uses the preexisting (and incorrect) installer. Since the preexisting installer is for a product that’s already installed, the only option available is to modify the setup by uninstalling the product.

To fix this, delete the files under the users temp folder before trying the install again. The temp folder can be found here:


For example: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\Quickmap\.

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