Problem With Quickmap Data Download Manager – The DataDir Is Not Valid

When trying to update Quickmap data with the Quickmap Data Download Manager QDDM, you may get this error:

Problem with Quickmap Data Download Manager

Configuration Error: The DataDir under registry key
HKLM\Software\Custom Software\Quickmap\Config is not

This occurs because either the directory is not valid or you don’t have permission to the directory, or QDDM is trying to read the wrong registry location (possibly due to an old version of QDDM or Quickmap).

To fix this, load Quickmap and change the Data Directory, then try again. ❗ Note: I recommend trying this by each method listed in the linked article. Additionally, check the registry location in the error to make sure that’s got correct values in it (though the location in the error probably isn’t the correct location and may just be a typo in the error message).

If that doesn’t work, reinstall Quickmap (I recommend taking this opportunity to update to the latest version of Quickmap). If it’s still not working, reinstall the Quickmap Data Download Manager.

❗ Note: QDDM requires Quickmap version 8 and will not work with Quickmap version 7.

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