Unable To Install Software Or Data – QSetup

When trying to install software or Quickmap data using QSetup, you may get this error:

Unable to install software or data. This is due to missing either:

<path>\*.zip and necessary QIK / MDB files in C:\Quickmap\Data

This is because QSetup has been run as a different user which doesn’t have access to the mapped drive, or UNC file location of the necessary QIK, MDB and zip files.

To fix this, please ensure that you do not run QSetup by right clicking it and clicking “Run as administrator”; instead just double click QSetup to launch it.

❗ The account that you are logged in as may or may not be an Administrator, but it’s important not to right click the file to run it as this changes the user context to one that doesn’t have access to the files.

Addendum I: This issue can also arise from the downloads.quickmap.co.nz website being blocked, so the required files are not able to be downloaded.

Addendum II: In a less likely scenario, this can also be caused by not electing to save mapped network drive credentials when the drive containing the files was mapped. To fix this, remap the network drive, ensuring that you tick the checkbox to “Reconnect at sign-in”.

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