Unable To Translate Path To UNC – Quickmap Install

When installing Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap Install Failed

Unable to determine default data directory: Unable to
translate path to UNC: Index and length must refer to a
location within the string.
Parameter name: length

(Data Directory)

Although this error suggests that the length of the data directory path is too long, this error can also occur if you have previously changed the data directory to reference a path containing a System Variable (such as %USERPROFILE%\Qmap\Data). In this scenario, to fix this, change the Quickmap Data Directory to reference the absolute path (removing the System Variable ‘%USERPROFILE%’). For example, change ‘%USERPROFILE%\Qmap\Data’ to ‘C:\Users\Username\Qmap\Data’.

In the event of not using a System Variable in the path, most likely the issue is because the file path is too long. Move your Data Directory to a location with a shorter path and try again. For clarity, the path S:\Data\ is shorter than S:\Data\Folder\AnotherFolder\ThisPathIsTooLong\Quickmap\Data.

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