Could Not Open Database Roll_Sth.mdb

When trying to open Quickmap, you may get the following error:

Quickmap Initialisation Error

QCtrl: Date Time

Could not open database
t OLEDB:Database Password=password;;mode=13

Additional Information: You attempted to open a database
that is already opened exclusively by user ‘user’ on machine
‘machine’. Try again when the database is available.

This happens because the database is set to open with mode=13, which can fail in some cases. This error can also sometimes happen when the Quickmap data directory is used by multiple users on the network, and not all users have the same Windows NTFS file permissions granted. When the database is opened as a result of running Quickmap, the first person to open Quickmap on the network will create an LDB file for that database.
If the next person to run Quickmap cannot read/write to that LDB file due to having different permissions to the first person that ran it, the second person will get this error.

To fix this, make sure that all users that run Quickmap have the same NTFS (file) permissions on the directory containing the Roll_Sth.mdb file (all users need to be able to write to that directory so Quickmap / Microsoft Access can create the LDB file). open Quickmap.mdb (you’ll need Microsoft Access) and open the QDatasource table. Alternatively, you can make the whole directory read only, preventing any users from creating an LDB file (or editing the database), so Quickmap / Access doesn’t check for the existance of an LDB file to see if it can open the database.

If that doesn’t work, remove the mode=13 part of the database row and move the mouse cursor to the next row to update the one you just changed. Contact Quickmap if you’re struggling to do this.

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