NZ Layer Is Missing

When starting Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap: Unexpected Error Encountered

NZ Layer is missing..

This can occur if either the data is corrupt, missing, or otherwise inaccessible due to permissions. It can also occur if the Base.mdb file is missing the NZ layer.

To fix any issues in the Base.mdb file, go to the Quickmap Data Directory, and copy the Base.mdb file from the PrivateMDB folder in the Data Directory into the root of the Data Directory. Quickmap may also use the Base.mdb file from the Quickmap folder in the users “My Documents” folder; in which case, also copy the Base.mdb file to that location too. Overwrite any existing Base.mdb file in these locations.

If the problem is corrupt, missing or inaccessible data, check your file and share permissions to the data directory. It might also be worth reinstalling the data.

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