Unable To Acquire Exclusive Access To Quickmap Data Files

You may get the following error when running Quickmap Data Setup (QSetup.exe):

Quickmap Data Installation Failed

Unable to acquire exclusive access to Quickmap Data files.

In order to install the data update, QSetup needs to gain exclusive access to the data directory. It does this by creating a .LCK file in the data directory. Each Quickmap program accessing the data from this location checks for the existence of this .LCK file every 30 seconds, and exits if it finds a .LCK file. QSetup waits 60 seconds for each copy of Quickmap to stop using the data, and if it can’t acquire exclusive access to Quickmap Data files by then, it displays this error.

This error can also occur if QSetup is unable to write the .LCK file to the data directory, so it’s worth checking that the user account running QSetup has permission to write to this location and that there’s not already .LCK files present in this directory.

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