The Webpage Cannot Be Found – Quickmap Downloads

When trying to access Downloads from the Tools -> Downloads menu in Quickmap, you may get this error:

The webpage cannot be found

This occurs because Quickmap can’t browse to the webpage that populates the Downloads list. This is because access to the website is blocked. To prove this, navigate to in your web browser on the same computer that has the webpage cannot be found error, then again on another computer (or device, such as your mobile phone) on a different network. You should see that the computer running Quickmap can’t get to the webpage but the device on another network can access the webpage.

To fix this, unblock the access to the website on port 80 and 443. This may be blocked due to a firewall on the local computer or network. Antivirus software running a web blocking list, or other such software may also be the culprit.

Addendum: This error can also be triggered by an unsupported (old-style) Quickmap key. In Quickmap, click Help -> Register and see if your Quickmap license key ends with 4 or 5 characters. If it ends with a dash followed by 4 characters, you need to contact Quickmap for a new key.

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